About Us


We are Jim and Emi Civale, church planting missionaries in the Samoan Islands.  We are currently planting our second church.  We also operate a preschool, primary school, and Bible Institute..

Our anniversary:      December 29, 1990
Our birthdays:          June 15 (Jim)  &  March 9 (Emi)

We have four children and two grandchildren.


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Prayer Card

A Brief Biography

Our Testimony of Salvation 

Our Beliefs and Practices

2017 Furlough Letter

Letter of Recommendation from BIMI President and General Director, Dr. David Snyder

Letter of Recommendation from Field Director, Dr. Steven Maldoff         

Recommendation from Dr. John Yingling (who baptized, discipled, and trained us for the ministry)

Original recommendation from Pastor John Leatherman (sending church)